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"I do feel left out a lot. It does get frustrating, not being able to contribute, I mean, to be labeled a background guy, someone who’s just along for the ride—it’s hard. I started Fall Out Boy, you know? It’s kind of a bummer, to work so hard and have it come to nothing. I don’t want to sound like I’m bashing anyone, or I’m ungrateful, because I’m very happy to be a part of all this. I’m afraid the guys are gonna read this and wish I’d talked to them first—which maybe I should have. But sometimes it doesn’t feel like I’m even in the band."

Joe Trohman (Why You All Need To Appreciate Joe A Hell Of A Lot More Than You Do)


Twitter Art Dump II (June 5th - 22th 2014) 

Various Bucky - Stucky sketches + one sketchbook spread inspired by the monologue Highway. I had problems scanning the big pages (they were scanned in 4 parts) so I had to retouch some parts of the art digitally, sorry about that. Pencil, Copic markers (+ some PS enhancements) on A4 Moleskine sketchbook.

Part I can be found here

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My neighbour Aynsley always thought she was better than me. Then I killed her.

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Pacific Rim AU though where Steve is the angst-riddled Jaeger pilot who lost Bucky and can’t stand the thought of letting someone else in his head 


he meets Sam Wilson and it’s like “dreamweaver playing in background” OMG WE’RE DRIFT COMPATIBLE
And basically proposes to fight giant kaiju together, move in and adopt a dog within 48 hours of meeting him

Hey Sam I’ll be on your left

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Shingeki no kyojin Sketch vs Color by Hajime Isayama
This is not chronologically sorted.
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the sickest burn in all of television history

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Ryan in Minecraft: Ahh! Sorry! I didn't mean to hit you, I was trying to miss! Now I feel bad...
Ryan in GTAV: [Blows up half the city, murders the entire crew, punches people "on accident", hops in the car, gives everyone 3 stars immediately]


So when I was watching Mayday Parade, Derek’s girlfriend, Lauren brought out their daughter Grey to throw out beach balls into the crowd and she was so so cute oh my god. 

Happy Birthday Achievement Hunter
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